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Last year I came across a great resource for refinishing just about anything metal—including your bathroom fixtures. Arizona Powder Coat, a company based in downtown Phoenix, offers what they refer to as ’superior metal finishing’, and from personal experience I’d say they live up to their claim.

They offer dozens of finishes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste. You can pick anything from chrome, anthracite or ancient black to mineral bronze or copper metallic and everything in between. In addition to your bathroom fixtures you can refinish anything metal and it will look like you bought new but at a fraction of the cost. When you start looking around your home you’ll see the possibilities are endless.I refinished the faucet and drain covers of my roman tub along with the framing around the large glass closet doors and the door handles in our master bath. A friend of mine went nuts with the process and refinished everything: door handles, hinges, faucets, towel bars, lighting fixtures, a pot rack, kitchen cabinet hardware and the framing around her bathroom medicine cabinets. She used the same finish throughout which gives her home a nice feeling of continuity. Last I checked there was a $30 minimum order and everything after that is priced depending upon size and intricacy. For example, a door handle may be $1 to $5, depending on the parts involved. Larger pieces, like framing around closet doors, are more. If you don’t like the style of your existing fixtures, consider purchasing new but inexpensive models and have them powder coated in a finish you really like.Arizona Powder Coat is located at 5301 E. Washington St. and their number is (602) 220-0553. Be prepared when you go there, they are a laid back bunch and it’s not uncommon to find them hanging out and playing cards.  Their core business is on big items like car frames and such but they do the small stuff, too.   I’m including before and after photos but If you’d like to see an example of their work in person give me a call, I’d be happy to show you how the finished product looks! Roman Tub Faucet, Before  Roman Tub Faucet, After   Master Closet Door, Before Master Closet, After  

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