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It’s so much fun to make our spaces more like us, to give it our personality, our stamp of uniqueness.

After selling so many homes over the years and watching friends transform their new places to reflect their personality, I’ve noticed many of us decorate in the colors we look best in.  It’s like taking your wardrobe and translating it into paint, flooring, furniture, fabrics artwork and accessories. 

Look at your own home, do you see the colors of your wardrobe on your walls and in your linens?  I noticed the little phenomenon in my own home first, then started paying more attention to see if it bore out with others as well.  In my case, I look best in the colors of nature, mostly the drab ones like brown and hues of green.  One of my clients looks amazing in bright colors, I mean vibrant red, yellows, blues – primary colors.  She painted her various rooms in her new home just those colors and her furniture is similarly bright as well.  Another friend looks terrific in subtle shades like lilac, pale blue and greys – and one day it hit me how her home is decorated the same way.

There are countless examples I could give.  Start paying attention at the homes of friends and family and you’ll start noticing it, too.  And if you’re not feeling quite as comfortable in your space as you think you should, take a few clues from the favorite items in your wardrobe and begin decorating your home in a similar way.  I bet you’ll feel the transformation; it will be like slipping into that favorite shirt or pair of pants that you always go back to.

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Tukee Home Tour is coming!


Mark your calendar for Saturday April 5, 2008 for the inaugural Tukee Home Tour!  After two years of tossing the idea around, we finally have lift-off, thanks to our own Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce under the energetic leadership of Linda Pastori.

 Five homes will be featured on the tour and the committee is working diligently on selecting those homes and planning out the logistics of the event.  The event tickets will gone on sale in the spring.  There will also be a sponsor showcase where you can pick up additional decorating and remodeling ideas.

 I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress.  I’m excited to be a member of the planning committee along with other select Ahwatukee-focused leaders.  More details will be forthcoming as we get closer to the event but be sure to mark your calendar now.  The homes will be open from 10am to 4pm that day and you will be able to take a shuttle from home to home so you can be sure to catch all the fabulous remodeling and decorating ideas to take home to your own abode!

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Many of you may already know this but for those who don’t, Lowe’s guarantees their plants and flowers for one year, providing you have the original receipt.  One year!  You have to bring in the dead plants along with your receipt and you will receive credit toward the purchase of additional plants.

My girlfriend (who is also a neighbor) does this all the time.  But she has a green thumb so when something in her yard dies, it’s legit.  With someone like me it could become an expensive proposition even for a big box store.  I have not yet put the guarantee to the test myself but when I purchased new plants this past week I asked the cashier if, indeed, I could return them should they die (it just seems too good to be true) and sure enough he said “yes, for up to a year”!  Just remember, you have to take in the dead plants and your receipt.

 Here are a few examples of the pretty, and affordable, selection they carry. Hopefully I won’t be putting their guarantee to the test personally any time soon.

dscn8111.JPG  dscn8109.JPG   dscn8116.JPG

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