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Want to expertly refinish your front door (or any door for that matter) at a fraction of the cost to buy new?  Then check out Don Lamb of Desert Rose Door Refinishing Company.  Don’s work is so good he has done over 20 doors in my friend Kim’s neighborhood alone.

Desert Rose Doors is a licensed, bonded and insured company that specializes in residential and commercial door refinishing and finishing.  Their craftsperson has ten years of experience in refinishing and finishing doors and their process allows them to complete your door on-site (generally in one day) with an end product being a door that looks better than new.

Their staining expertise allows them to closely match your original door color but if you want to go for a completely new look you can choose from a variety of colors.  They also offer specialized techniques of antiquing and distressing which may be of interest to you if you want something completely different.  Their finishing process also protects your ‘new’ door against the harsh Phoenix elements.

They will also finish new “raw” doors and can do other techniques like glazing and add decorative door features.

If you’re in the market for a new door, give Desert Rose a call.  Their number is 480-272-7074.  I’ve placed a few before and after photos below but to get a better idea of their work go to http://www.desertrosedoor.com/contactus.html and click on the ‘door’ menu, you’ll be amazed.  Makes me wish my front door were in need of refinishing!

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Each winter I find myself contemplating when to cut back plants so was pleased to come across this bit of info from Paramount Landscaping recently.  With the winter upon us now is a good time to mark your calendar for when to cut back certain plants to ensure optimal growth come spring.

December:  This is the time to plan for weed control.  Apply pre-emergent herbicides to the rock and granite areas of your yard but be sure to give it a good watering or plan it to go down right before one of our rainy days.  This is also the time to trim your Yucca & Red Spoons.

January:  Cut back Sage, Oleander and Lantana. 

February: cut back Bougainvilleas and Cassias. 

As far as watering goes, for over-seeded lawns you only need to water it one to two times a week.  If you have pop-ups, run them for about four minutes, rotor type heads run for six to eight minutes.  If you have Bermuda grass you still need to water it every other week.  While the grass may be dormant it still needs to have damp roots, otherwise they will dry out between now and spring.

Last year our bitterly cold winter wiped out a lot of plants.  If you’re on top of the weather it’s possible to save those that can be easily covered with a sheet, lightweight blanket or towel on the coldest nights.  Potted plants can be especially susceptible so think about covering those first.

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