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If you’re considering (or in the midst of) remodeling a bathroom, you may have fallen in love with the look of frameless shower glass but suffered sticker shock when you priced it out.  Fortunately, I’ve uncovered a resource here in the valley that costs about 1/3 less than most companies.

If you’re not sure what frameless glass looks like, check out the photos below.  As you will see, frameless glass offers a more contemporary & open look to your shower by eliminating most of the metal framework that typically holds the glass in place.  There are a variety of hardware selections to choose from and the glass itself is typically 3/8” & 1/2” tempered glass.  Available glass options come in selections like Clear, Rain, Grey Tint, Bronze Tint, Starphire, Matelux and Reeded.  These options vary depending on the thickness of the glass and usually there are fewer choices available if you go with 1/2″ glass. 

Clayton Glass and Accessories did the frameless glass in my master bath remodel as well as that of a few other friends & clients.  All were exceedingly happy with the end result although one friend did have a novice installer that resulted in a longer install time before it was perfect.  So as a tip, be sure to ask about the installer assigned to your project including how many years they’ve been in the business and how many installs they’ve done on their own.

Frameless is a great way to go if you want to show off the fabulous tile combination you selected for your new shower or if you’re dealing with a smaller space and need to create the feeling of a larger room.  To contact Clayton Glass & Accessories call 602-272-2006.  They’ll come out to see you, measure and show you hardware and glass options then give you an estimate based on your choices.  Keep in mind, all tile and grout work must be completed prior to installation.  Your frameless glass ends up being the crowing finish to your newly remodeled bathroom!

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