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Recently I’ve had a few requests to post more photos of the metallic paint so here they are. These walls were painted using the Copper Gleam and Lustrous Amber colors. I’m attracted to the earth tones so that’s pretty much what you’ll find in our home.  I have a friend who used the Pewter version and it’s beautiful!  She’s going to snap a photo and send it over so I’ll post that one when I get it.  

The two most important things to remember when using this paint are 1) be sure to place on a wall that is subject to natural light, the more light the better.  It really makes a difference is showing the depth of the color.  And 2) even application is tricky.  Be patient and know you may have to go over areas a few times to even out the lines between strokes. 

In the pictures shown here of the Lustrous Amber there was actually a color applied to the walls that was not the companion color that Valspar recommends. It was a color I’d painted a few years back and I was bored of it so decided to put the metallic over the existing paint.  It worked out fine because I selected a metallic color from the Valspar selection that best paired up with the recommended base paint.  So if you’re bored of a room and want to make a change, you may be able to just put the metallic over your existing paint if they are in the same family.  I loved the fact it cut out the step of applying the base color first!

Lustrous Amber metallic paint

Copper Gleam

Copper Gleam at Night


This is the Pewter color. It's hard to see the shimmer because this wall does not get direct sunlight.


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