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I hit the jackpot today on patio furniture and thought I’d pass along my find.  The Ahwatukee store has limited stuff left and it’s marked down 30% so I was going to make my move.  There were two chairs, a table and an outdoor rug that I liked.  While awaiting an inventory check I ended up speaking to one of the salespeople at length.  This is what I learned:

 Apparently the Tukee store is one of the leaders in the state for sales.  Because of that it’s one of the last to have merchandise marked down.  I had to test what I’d just learned so promptly headed to the Chandler store and what did I find but 50% off for the same furniture!!  Lucky for me they had more chairs that weren’t available at the Ahwatukee store and a bigger selection on the outdoor rugs.   I bought two of everything.  (just kidding, I left a few things…)

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